Forward Leeds are pleased to have partnered up with the DrinkCoach team. This means that if you live in Leeds you can benefit from free online coaching sessions. The confidential sessions will be with a professional alcohol worker through Skype. You can choose your own coach based on their personal profile and your preference. Bookings can be made to suit you: day or night, evenings or weekends, at home or out and about. Achieve your goal quickly and safely with sessions typically lasting 40 minutes. As well as free coaching sessions, you can use the DrinkCoach website to take a free test to find out how risky your drinking really is. Take the DrinkCoach alcohol test now and get top tips for cutting down. If you are concerned about a loved ones drinking there are useful links on how you can help.

The Drink Coach App

Download the free DrinkCoach app on your smartphone or tablet to use a range of tools that have been proven to reduce alcohol intake. App features include:

  • Drink Tracker
  • Hangover Diary
  • Goal Setter
  • ‘Sober-Self’ Reminders
  • Mindfulness Videos

This handy app is free and easy to use. Whether you want to cut down on the weekend wines or are fed up of waking up with a groggy head. This app can help you track when you are drinking, how you feel and keep you on track with your targets.