5 WAYS Open Mic Nights are back celebrating recovery

The many talents of people in recovery from across West Yorkshire were on display at 5 WAYS in Leeds

Performers at the Open Mic Night on 2 December 2022 included poets, singers, guitarists, comedians and dancers, all demonstrating their pride in recovery from issues with alcohol and other drugs.

5 WAYS Building Recovery in Communities Coordinator Chelsey Taylor, who helped organise the event and acted as MC, said: “People in recovery are often such imaginative and talented people, they are both inspired and inspiring. Getting our Open Mic Nights going again following the pandemic gives performers a chance to have an outlet for that and to shine again. It’s amazing to sit there and watch people who have been through so much singing or reciting their poetry. Performing can be so cathartic, its another stride in their recovery journey.“

5 WAYS member Sally Cusworth said: “I absolutely loved the Open Mic Night. I was moved to tears at some of the performances although there were many laughs as well. To be in recovery and to be able to attend this joyful event left me with a greater sense of hope and a connection with the recovery community. Thanks to all the amazing 5 WAYS staff for making it happen.”

Performers in the first half included comedian and poet Jem (pictured above), musicians Nick, Becki and Ben followed by spoken word, harmonica and songs from Hank.

After the interval the packed crowd enjoyed poetry from Darren, music from Mhairi and Kinga followed by poetry from Sarah.

Over 100 people attended and were treated in the interval to a delicious curry made by 5 WAYS Senior Practioner Helen Mason.

5 WAYS would like to thank the performers and everyone who came to the evening.

Chesley Taylor
Chelsey our MC
Helen’s amazing curry
Singer Songwriter Ben Hall
Singer-Songwriter Ben
Guitarist Nick
Musician Becki
Performance Poet Sarah