5 WAYS inspiring visit to Leeds Art Gallery

5 WAYS clients and members enjoyed an introduction to Leeds Art Gallery from artist Amanda Phillips on the 16th January.

The visit was to help people realise that the gallery and art has something to offer for everyone.  The tour helped everyone appreciate that their personal reading of a painting, sculpture or installation is relevant and offered some tips on how to appreciate and understand the art on view.

Sandra, a 5 WAYS client said:”This has been a tonic for the mind. Amanda’s talk was fascinating and her enthusiasm is infectious”.

Sandra continued: “This morning’s been another inspiring gift from 5 WAYS”

5 WAYS member Amanda O’Connor also attended and said: “A day spent looking at art is a worthwhile thing”.

Amanda Phillips of Leeds Art Gallery gave the group some insights into the history of the institution. Amanda discussed the way in which it was commissioned for and continues to be there for the people of Leeds.

Amanda introduced the group to some of the key works at the gallery and then offered some insights into how to appreciate art using three ideas, “construction, context and content” and to ask the question, “what does this mean to me?”