5 WAYS host their first pizza night

5 WAYS members worked together to create the first pizza evening for themselves.

Ben, a 5 WAYS member painted and sold plant pots to buy two pizza ovens. Members rallied round to help Ben decorate 5 WAYS and create a suitable venue, renamed by the members, “Benito’s Pizzaria” for the evening.

In the end over 50 people attended the night enjoying pizza and bring their own food contributions.

Ben said, “I wanted to do this so we could all socialise together, somewhere away from alcohol.

People enjoying pizza

“There aren’t many options in Leeds for a night out that is completely free from drink. This gives all of us who come to 5 WAYS a way to have a night out together.”

Lead Practitioner at 5 WAYS Helen Mason said: “Tonight is all due to the members of 5 WAYS and Ben in particular. What they have achieved in raising funds off their own back to put on this event is amazing. They decided that they were going to do this and then worked together to organise the evening.”

Lucy Butcher volunteers at 5 WAYS helped Ben sell the pots to fund the evening said, “It’s really rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves tonight. Ben has been amazing.”

Ben and the 5 WAYS members would like to thank everyone who supported them including

Sign for Benito's Pizzaria
Pizza Cake

Cake made for the event in the shape of a pizza

Alan with pizza

Allan carefully serving up a pizza

Roof Terrace

The 5 WAYS Roof Terrace decorated for the evening