For Alcohol Awareness Week this year Forward Leeds is offering a FREE short training session on “Alcohol and Mental Health”. The session will cover how alcohol can affect people’s general mental health.

This course will be delivered by our specialist training team and will cover:

  • Alcohol units and why they matter
  • How alcohol alters the brain and disrupts the brain’s chemicals
  • Alcohol and memory
  • Alcohol, stress and anxiety
  • Alcohol and sleep
  • Alcohol and links to self-harm and suicide

It will not cover severe mental health problems, dual diagnosis or comorbidity of mental illness and substance use disorders.

The course is one hour long and will be delivered via Zoom.

Participants can choose from:

  • Monday 16th November 12.30-1.30
  • Thursday 19th November 12.30-1.30

Book your preferred day now for these bite-size lunchtime sessions by emailing

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