Forward Leeds are visiting bars and clubs every Friday night in February to offer information and advice around alcohol and drugs.

They are accompanying the Angels of Freedom, a group of volunteers who go out every weekend around the Freedom Quarter of Leeds. The volunteers talk to people about their concerns and offer support to people who might find themselves in vulnerable situations on a night out.

Bill Owen of Forward Leeds said: “It’s great to be working alongside the Angels of Freedom, offering advice, support and help in the Leeds night-time economy.

“The work the Angels do is so important in helping to ensure people have as safe a night as possible. Supporting people to be well-informed about the choices they make around alcohol and drugs is part of that work. We’re pleased to be able to bring our own knowledge to that work with our specialist drug and alcohol workers”

Rob Wilson who coordinates the Angels of Freedom said: “We’re really pleased to be forging a closer working partnership with Forward Leeds to enable their increased engagement and visibility within the Leeds LGBT+ bar scene.

Group of Forward Leeds and Angels

“It’s so important for the community to see that the service is inclusive of their needs and understands some of the nuanced challenges resulting in LGBT+ people becoming reliant on the bars as their way of being part of the wider LGBT+ communities in the city.

“We welcome the work with them taking place throughout LGBT+ History Month 2020 for them to directly speak to people in the community, promoting all the vast alternative social options and importantly holding conversations with people around drug and alcohol use”.

The Angels of Freedom and Forward Leeds will be out together every Friday in February. On Friday the 28 of February, they will be taking part in some additional work with the British Transport Police at Leeds Station supporting their Sober-up Space within the station.

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