“Don’t Live in Doubt”, a short film made by Forward Leeds is being shown on the big screen in Millennium Square in the centre of Leeds.

The film encourages people to get tested and treated for hepatitis C. It uses the testimonies of those who have been cleared of hepatitis C to emphasise how treatment has improved in Leeds. The film is being shown twice an hour in December and January.

Clinical Infection Control Lead at Forward Leeds Holly Adamson said: “The film is a great way to get across that treatment for hepatitis C now is much better than it was. Most people are treated for hepatitis C with tablets so there’s a lot less side effects than patients or service users would have previously experienced.”

“We are finding service users are going through to fully complete the treatment and there is now a 90% success rate of clearing hepatitis C. The film gets this over in a really powerful way and the fact that it is going to be seen by so many people on the big screen in the middle of Leeds is just amazing”.

The film was part of a larger campaign created in 2019 to encourage people to get tested for hepatitis C and was made in conjunction with the Hepatitis C Trust, Leeds City Council, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Daniel Burn the Health Principal for Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco at Leeds City Council said: “We are really proud to have been involved with this campaign, which raises awareness of how easy it is to get tested for hepatitis C, as well as the new treatment options available.

“The accompanying campaign film has been extremely well received across Leeds and the fact it will now be played on the big screen in Millennium Square, during a time when it is so busy with the Christmas market, will give it the exposure it deserves.”

The improved treatment for hepatitis C can be delivered from a range of sites across the city including at the three Forward Leeds hubs.

To see the film visit the Don’t Live in Doubt campaign page.

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