Forward Leeds were out in numbers for Leeds Pride.

Forward Leeds had a stall in the Market Place area offering advice on alcohol and drugs. This included a range of ‘Beer Goggles Challenges’, sweet and sour sweets to demonstrate the pot luck of street drugs and information about How to Party Properly from the ‘Wasted this Summer?‘ campaign.

In addition, a team of people from 5 WAYS were in the Leeds Pride Parade celebrating ‘Pride in Recovery’.

Lead Practitioner Leanne Tomlinson said: “Leeds Pride is the biggest event that happens in the city now with around 60,000 people attending. It’s a great chance to chat to people about their drinking and drug habits.”

“Mainly we are here to help people understand how to look after themselves while they have a good time. We spoke to almost 200 people across the course of the day. Most of them just want to be better informed but a small number recognised they may have a problem”.

In addition to the stall, 5 WAYS and Forward Leeds also took part in the parade with a walking float.

5 WAYS member Claire Scally who was a part of the parade said: “It was an amazing day and made me proud of being in recovery”.

5 WAYS members and staff handed out ‘Pride in Recovery’ flags and wristbands with advice from the Wasted this Summer? campaign.

Stacey Vickers who was also part of the parade said: “This was my first Pride in recovery and I was so proud to be a part of the parade”.

Leeds Pride is now in its 13th year. It is held to celebrate and champion the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community in Leeds.

It campaigns for equality; challenges discrimination and creates opportunities for engagement and participation.

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