Entrance to 5 WAYS

Beginning on Tuesday 28 May, 5 WAYS members will be able to attend a three week back-to-work programme run by Aspire Education.

The Employability programme will be delivered at 5 WAYS for any members wishing to participate.

Senior Practitioner at 5 WAYS Helen Mason said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our members to gain qualifications, references and get a CV to help them progress. It will allow them to make real strides into whatever field they want to move into next and it’s great for their personal development”.

Those completing the short course will benefit from

  • Five nationally recognised qualifications, including First Aid
  • Skills in CV writing, interviews and other job application techniques
  • References from Aspire
  • The opportunity to build self confidence, communication skills, self-management, motivation and enthusiasm

Aspire Back to Work Programme Manager Keith Ellison said: “Aspire are delighted to begin delivering our programme at 5 WAYS. We feel that there is a great fit between the flexible nature of our course and the needs of 5 WAYS members for learning and development delivered in a way that suits them”.

Aspire was formed in 2010 by John Lewis and Jason Murphy. Their aim was to provide engaging, fun and rewarding courses for people who were unfortunate enough to have found themselves out of work and not in education or training.

Those wishing to participate in the course should attend the preliminary course overview and registration session at 5 WAYS on Thursday 23 May at 10am.

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