2019 courses at 5 WAYS

5 WAYS @ the Recovery Academy takes its name from the evidence demonstrating the five steps that everyone can take to improve wellbeing: Connect; Be Active; Keep Learning; Give to others; Be Mindful.

These values underpin the work 5 WAYS does with its service users, who view the hub as a safe and welcoming place for recovery.

Alongside our regular timetable of activities and group work we run a range of courses and opportunities to gain qualifications.

New for Spring/Summer 2019

Progress Workshop

(Twelve week course. Two hours per week) Every Wednesday 10.30am–12.30pm. Starts Wednesday 6th Feb.
This course takes a holistic approach to support learners to overcome barriers that are preventing individuals from moving forward in their recovery.

The course explores recovery options, and supports individuals to make informed choices about education, training, voluntary work or paid employment.

It will be delivered in a supportive group environment, and learners will reflect on their recovery capital and improving wellbeing, develop practical skills around interview techniques and self-disclosure, confidence building and effective communication, stigma and how it affects those in recovery.

Learners will have the opportunity to visit: the Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of Leeds and Hollybush Conservation Centre.

In October, following the Progress group, ten learners signed up for advice session and access courses within the Lifelong Learning Centre.

This course has been developed from our popular 6-week group work programme, Progress Group. Our proposed 12-week enhanced course will deliver tools to sustain recovery, and to develop identity and confidence with an overall goal to progress into formal learning and employment opportunities.

Drama Workshop

(Twelve week course. Two hours per week) Every Wednesday 1pm–3pm.
Starting Wednesday 6th February ending with a performance of Macbeth in April.

This course will be facilitated by a RADA trained Drama Tutor with TV & theatre acting experience. This course will support learners to improve confidence, concentration and communication, providing an emotional outlet alongside an appreciation of culture and the arts, supporting personal fulfilment and wider health and wellbeing.

The workshop will aim to inspire learners to go beyond what they though was possible and support aspiration.

The story of Macbeth brings themes of personal dilemma, guilt and heroism that learners can relate to. As a whole, the experience will support self-worth and pride, enabling learners to participate in an opportunity where a wider group of individuals come together to achieve the final goal of performing on stage.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Course

(Four week course. Two hours per week) Every Thursday 4pm-6pm
Starting 14th February

This course is aimed at learners wishing to progress into a career within the voluntary sector. The course will include an overview of the different substances, their appearance and effect, reducing harm and the legal status.

This course will add value to learners’ CVs, which will be developed further with support from our IAG Advisor.

This course is also available to family members and concerned others who are affected by another’s substance misuse. Gaining information enables others to provide the right support and advice. Individuals in recovery are more likely to succeed with the support of a loved on. This course will also reduce anxieties that family members and concerned others may have. Learners will be given further support information.

Improving Mental Health

(Eight week course. Two hours per week). Starting in February 2019 date tbc
This course is aimed towards individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

The facilitator will deliver a range of therapeutic and educational interventions, supporting learners to use mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and guided visualisations, bringing calmness to the mind and improving sleep. 1-1 support will be offered to learners guiding them through a CBT self-help model around managing anxiety and depression.

This will give learners the tools to manage their own levels of stress and anxiety.

In addition to the above Norton Webb provide the following courses that can be accessed through 5 WAYS:

Maths, English, Mental Health Awareness, Safeguarding, challenging Behaviour, Autism Awareness.

Learners can receive weekly support from experienced staff at Norton Webb. Although learners are expected to complete their studies in their own time, they can gain weekly 1-1 support at 5 Ways from Norton Webb staff.

Leeds Mind

The ‘Changing Gear’programme in spring 2019 will focus on building coping strategies around anger and guilt.

Anger Awareness – from Tuesday 22nd January, every fortnight 2–4pm
Exploring Guilt – from Tuesday 5th March, every fortnight from 2–4pm

Participants will need to have completed an Introduction to Group Work session before attending the above.

Please speak with a member of 5 Ways staff or contact Leeds Mind Peer Support on 0113 3055800.

Cardigan Centre

This centre provides a range of courses throughout the year for people accessing 5 Ways. Please ask at reception for more details or check out our notice boards in the Welcome area.

Swarthmore Community College

New for Summer 2019 Sign Language Course and Creative Writing Course. Please speak with reception for further details.

*There is an IT suite available at 5 Ways and lots of quiet space where learners are able to come in and continue with their studies, gain support from staff, including our qualified Education, Training and Employment Officer and support one another during study time.