Last week’s ‘Focus on Rehab’ provided 30 new referrals into the Forward Leeds team for rehab preparation.

The public were able to chat with staff and clients from ten different residential rehabs across the Forward Leeds hubs to discuss options for treatment.

They were also able to talk to rehab workers, detox workers at Forward Leeds and former clients who have been through the rehab process and who are now flourishing in their post-rehab lives.

Forward Leeds Rehab Worker Jamie Berry said: “The most common comment was that visitors didn’t realise rehab was an option for “normal” people like them and that you didn’t have to be loaded, well off, a rock star or a Hollywood Actor to go to rehab.”

Phoenix Futures at focus on REhab

Jamie continued: “They also didn’t know that there were a variety of rehabs available and not just one. A few clients who attended were genuinely surprised that they had a choice of treatment options

“Another common theme was, “How can I afford to go?”, they were surprised they would be funded and that they would be supported by Forward Leeds throughout the process of being admitted for treatment”.

Forward Leeds offers out of area residential rehab as a recovery option from alcohol and drugs for anyone over the age of 18 years who lives in Leeds.

As well as boosting awareness amongst clients and the general public about their rehab options it provided the rehabs with a clearer understanding of how Forward Leeds works across the elements in preparing service-users for rehab.

You can watch the videos prepared for the Focus on Rehab below.

Yeldall Manor

Roy talks openly about how a residential rehab has helped him to turn his life around.

Jacqueline discusses how her time in residential rehab has left her better placed to cope with life.

Sinead from Leeds Council talks about why they are happy to fund people to attend a residential rehab.

Rehab Worker Jamie explains what to expect when you go into rehab.

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