Drug and alcohol recovery service, Forward Leeds, is focusing on raising awareness from July 31-August 2 of its efforts to support people in Leeds into residential rehabilitation centres.

Forward Leeds offers out of area residential rehab as a recovery option from alcohol and drugs for anyone over the age of 18 years who lives in Leeds.

Residential rehab means someone moving into an environment away from the city for up to six months to deal with their drinking and/or drug use and the reasons behind it. Whilst in rehab, people undertake a range of one-to-one and group therapies. They develop a toolbox of skills and techniques so that they are better able to deal with their substance issues on completing their time at rehab.

Forward Leeds’ Rehab Worker, Laura Lawrence, said: “Going to a residential rehab is a big commitment and we want to make it as straightforward as possible for clients.”

“These information sessions are a chance for people to get a good understanding of what a residential rehab involves. They will also be able to see how Forward Leeds are there to help and support them before, during and after.”

The campaign will include external support organisations such as Littledale rehab from Lancaster, Phoenix Residential rehab in Sheffield, Yeldall Manor from Berkshire and Oasis Recovery Bradford visiting the three Forward Leeds hubs in Armley, Seacroft and the city centre throughout the three days.

Laura added: “People will be able to find out exactly what happens at these centres. That way clients are better informed and prepared for what they are undertaking.”

Videos will be available online of clients who have been through a successful rehab along with Forward Leeds staff members discussing how the process of getting into rehab works.

Information and online materials will continue to be available after the initial drive to help people understand what the rehab options are for people who live in Leeds.

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