From July 31 to August 2, Forward Leeds is raising awareness of how people in Leeds can be supported to use residential rehab centres.

Residential rehab is a recovery option for anyone aged 18 and over in Leeds and offers a safe, supportive, therapeutic environment for those who have struggled with community based treatment.

The campaign, will run in all Forward Leeds hubs and information will continue to be available after the initial drive.

The campaign will include external organisations, with staff from residential rehab centres visiting the Forward Leeds hubs across the city for three days.

Forward Leeds Rehab Worker, Laura Lawrence, pictured, said: “Going to a residential rehab is a big commitment and we want to make it as straightforward as possible for people.”

Information sessions would offer visitors an understanding of what residential rehab involves and how staff would support them, before during and afterwards.

Laura added: “We have invited staff from the residential rehabs that we work with to come in and explain exactly what people can expect.”

Visitors will be encouraged to discuss their own personal options.. There will also be former Forward Leeds clients who have been through residential rehab in the hubs who can explain what to expect.

Videos can be watched of clients who have been through a successful rehab and of staff
members discussing how the process of getting into rehab works.

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