A number of former Forward Leeds clients and some still in treatment attended a session at the University of Leeds’ Life Long Learning Centre to gain insights into accessing higher education.

​They met staff from the University as well as the Learning Champions, people with similar life experiences, who have studied at the University.

Talk in the Great Hall to attendees

Graham Hale, Group Worker at  Forward Leeds said: “It is like watching light bulbs go on above our clients’ heads. They realise that educational opportunities at university level are not just for the ‘elite’ and are available to everyone, including them”.

Maxine Blackburn, former Forward Leeds client said: “I’ve realised today there are more opportunities than I imagined”.

Maxine continued: “Coming here has proved to me I can better myself and I should not underestimate the potential within me. It will also encourage me to stay abstinent.

“I highly recommend that people with addiction explore the opportunities that the university can offer through Forward Leeds”.

Staff from the Lifelong Learning Centre offered advice and guidance on getting into higher education.

The group took part in a taster session on the topic of Resilience from Programme Manager, Kay Sidebottom.

This was followed by a guided tour of the University.

Several of those who attended also signed up for one-to-one meetings at the Life Long Learning Centre to discuss options for study.

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