Members of the 5 WAYS Grow Together group have created a colourful mosaic as an entrance sign to their allotment at Woodhouse Moor.

The group took over an abandoned allotment plot in July 2016 and had to cut down six foot high vegetation before they could begin work.

Claire Doble, co-facilitator of the group said:  ”We had decided to name our allotment and creating a sign “The Lost Plot” seemed appropriate as that’s just what it was when we took it over. It’s also a piece of artwork to celebrate reclaiming the plot and being in touch with nature, wildlife and with each other as a group.”

Making the Mosaic

Making the Mosaic 

Claire continued: “The location is still something of a secret garden, which we like. It’s a quiet, green refuge for many for us where we can either reflect, have fun, make friends or just reconnect with the natural world.”

The Grow Together group meet every Tuesday afternoon at their plot in the Hyde Park area of Leeds. As well as growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables, they cook homemade meals outside on their fire pit and undertake other outdoor activities like hedge-laying, woodwork and bird box building.

The group is run jointly between 5 WAYS to Wellbeing @ the Recovery Academy, a hub for those in recovery from substance misuse in Leeds and Hyde Park Source an environmental charity.

Finished Mosaic

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