The theme of Alcohol Awareness Week 2017 is alcohol and families. Some people might not consider the everyday impact that a glass of wine here or a pint of beer there may have on their relationships.

You don’t have to be a problem drinker for drinking to cause problems. Not just for yourself but for your family. Alcohol Awareness Week runs from November 13-17. We asked some people with real lived experience of how drinking has affected their family to come in and share their stories

Kathryn a former Forward Leeds client talks about how her drinking affected her relationship with her children.

She discusses how Forward Leeds helped her stop drinking and the improvements that stopping drinking has brought to family life.

Alys discusses frankly how her mother’s drinking affected their relationship and how close they have become since her mother stopped drinking.

Alys talks about how her drinking affected her personally and the improvements  in the relationship she has with her mother.

Holly talked To Forward Leeds about the improvements that she has seen to the relationship she has with her children since she stopping drinking.

Holly has two young children and the difference that she has seen since deciding to stop has been very evident.

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