Forward Leeds is opening its doors for people to come and see for themselves what goes on at an alcohol and drug service with an Open House event on the 21st of September.

Visitors will get a chance to tour their premises and chat with heads of all the different areas of Forward Leeds including harm reduction, detox teams, early intervention and Young Persons. Visitors can also try playing darts wearing “beer goggles”.

Lee Wilson, Area Manager for West Leeds explained: “The idea is to enable people to better understand addiction and to see how it can affect anyone”.

Lee continued: “The idea is to demystify what happens inside an alcohol and drug service, bust some of the myths and let people see the real side of what we do. Perhaps they’ll get a better idea of how Forward Leeds helps the local community”.

As well as a guided tour, visitors will have the opportunity to hear a talk on the Forward Leeds model from Executive Director Anna Headley.

You can reserve a free place at

Beer Goggles

 Kulwant Mann, Forward Leeds volunteer demonstrates the “beer goggles”

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