The WY-FI Project have used gardening therapy for their staff away day. WY-FI works to support people across West Yorkshire who have multiple needs to live more fulfilling lives and achieve their goals.

The team visited the 5 WAYS Grow Together group in their Hyde Park allotment to help out the project. The 5 WAYS members are former clients of Forward Leeds who take part in sustainable gardening once a week as part of their recovery.

Sue Northcott, the WY-FI Project Manager said: “We were looking for something our team could do to help another project. We wanted to help where people were already helping themselves.”

Sue continued: “our roles can be quite challenging. This is therapeutic for the members so we thought it would be good therapy for us. To be out in the fresh air and really get involved.”

Leona Graham a member of 5 WAYS said:” This gardening group just improves my life all round. This allotment is my sanctuary.”

The Grow Together group is a joint project between Forward Leeds and Hyde Park Source.

WY-FI supports people who are not engaging effectively with services and are experiencing entrenched needs in at least three of the following areas:

  • Homelessness
  • Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol
  • Re-offending
  • Mental ill-health

Making charcoal

Making charcoal at the allotment in Hyde Park

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