We have staff who are specially trained to work with young people and understand the problems you face.

We can speak to you, on a one to one basis. We don’t need to tell your family what we’re talking about. If you’re worried about someone who has a drug or alcohol problem, we can give you some guidance too.


Providing 1-1 support to young people and their families around drug and alcohol issues alongside comprehensive group work and events

We have a referral form specifically designed for Young People and you can use that to refer people into the service. Download the Young Persons Referral Form (MSWord file) then complete the form and send to spocreferral.team@nhs.net

What we can offer..

  • 1 to 1 work
  • We support young people to reduce and stop using drugs and alcohol
  • We can help young people to learn about the effects and risks of drugs and alcohol and for anyone who isn’t ready to stop yet, how to limit the harm drugs and alcohol can cause.
  • We offer support around emotional, physical and sexual health, and have two nurses who specialise in this work in the team.
  • Support can be offered to family members and concerned others about a young person’s drug or alcohol use.
  • Confidential service and we can offer appointments in school or close to where you live.

Group work with young people

  • We deliver targeted, structured group work in schools, family centres and community centres..
  • These structured groups, support vulnerable young people around drug and alcohol use as well as associated issues such as self-esteem, healthy lifestyles and positive choices.
  • We also do drop in sessions across the city with organisations we work with like housing providers and youth service organisations.

Event work and outreach..

You’ll see Forward Leeds Young People’s team at a lot of events across the city all year round. We’re out and about promoting the health and well-being of young people and how to get support quickly, if you need it.

Speaking to somebody about drug and alcohol use can be a worrying thing for some people, especially when it comes to who else knows about it. Whilst we feel that it can be helpful to be honest and open with the supportive people in your life, we understand that there may be some people that you don’t want us to share information with. So for this reason, we treat everyone’s confidentiality very seriously and do not share your information with anyone you have asked us not to.

View our Young Person’s Twitter account for details of future events and campaigns across the city.

two young people one with a skateboard